An unconquerable emotion that flows through our nerves and hits our consciousness at the very core. That emotion is what Invictus- the film and photography society of SGGSCC, is all about. We strive towards bringing out the real essence of life through our lenses and present a newer, broader and progressive view of the world.


The society infuses zeal into the heart of its members, who through the lenses of not only their cameras, but their eyes, click the reality of the world, bridging the gap between nature and subconscious mind of humans. Enriching photo walks, workshops, competitions and fests are the core activities of Invictus to promote socialization and integration of ideas, thoughts and perspectives.


The society has been organizing these events since 2011 and has a vibrant background. Having a team including enthusiastic photographers and creative graphic designers, filmmakers, and scriptwriters, it has a bag full of energy and exuberance through which, the society has produced over 10 short films and documentaries under its name production ‘Dusk to Dawn’ which has won over 12 awards at competitions conducted by IIT Delhi, St. Stephens College, etc.


The members have individually achieved tremendous milestones for the society by winning On-the-spot and Online Photography Competitions held at colleges across Delhi University and IP university such as LSR, JMC, SSCBS, SGTB Khalsa, VIPS, MAIMS. INVICTUS, during each academic year, takes part in various competitions and holds events and competitions of its own as well.


The society works around spreading a sense of cultural diversity in the college and all throughout the Delhi University by encouraging all to take part in our competitions and to work with us in order to inculcate a sense of creativity and an advanced perspective towards the environment people live in. Enlightenment of one’s vision and helping them to realise the same is the goal upon which our work is based.


INVICTUS is one which promotes the motto ‘anybody can be creative’ and addresses the fact that each has a unique ability and must find a path that leads to its realisation in the best possible way.